From the recording Squeeze, Squeeze

From the 2004 Ray Vega Palmetto release "Squeeze, Squeeze".
“Squeeze, Squeeze” is written for my wonderful son Aaron. We have a daily routine in the morning as we’re walking to school. As we approach the street and prepare to cross it, Aaron takes my hand and say’s “Squeeze, Squeeze daddy”. This reassures both of us that all is well and safe. Aaron also uses this phrase when I speak to him on the phone from the road. It’s his way of letting me know that we’ll be together real soon. This tune is dedicated to those small moments that we have with our children that find themselves in a secret place in our heart and always help to keep us “real”.

Ray Vega-Trumpet/Shekere
Bobby Porcelli-Alto Sax
Igor Atalita-Piano
Gregg August-Bass
Adam Weber-Drums/Shekere
Wilson "Chembo" Corniel-Tumbadoras/Shekere