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The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul

(RAY VEGA with Ruben Blades)
This track was produced by Grammy Award winning pianist and arranger Oscar Hernandez for the famous Panamanian Singer/Actor Ruben Blades. The track was included on a compilation disc entitled "Testimonial Dinner-Songs of XTC" Thirsty Ear Records 1995 UK. It was extremely exciting to play the flugelhorn solos on this track.

If memory serves me right----here's the personnel on the track: Ruben Blades-Vocals/ Oscar Hernandez-Piano, arranger, producer/ Mike ViƱas-Bass, Ralph Irizarry/Timbales, George Gonzalez/Bongo, Eddie Montalvo/Congas, Tony Barrero and John Walsh/Trumpets, Ray Vega-Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Reinaldo Jorge and Papo Vazquez-Trombones.
Recorded in Skyline Studios in Belleville. New Jersey 1995.